Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cici's Pizza

My boyfriend has been kind enough to fill in as guest writer this time. Can't let his amazing writing skill go to waste.  The following is his post.
Cici's Pizza: Unremarkable

I can honestly say that I had reasonably high expectations for Cici's, if only because they've been around for decades.  The ultra-competitive nature of the pizza business would seem to suggest that an operation couldn't survive for as long as they have unless they're doing something right.  There are simply too many other quality establishments clamoring for your hard-earned dining-out bucks.

Just what Cici's is doing right is kind of hard to figure out. Perhaps it's no more complicated than providing customers with "all-you-can-eat-for-as-little-cash-as-possible".

We arrived about an hour before closing.  After collecting our cash, the friendly proprietor handed us our drink cups and we were then given the green light to grab a tray, get in the queue, and collect and eat as much as we wanted.

Since this was cafeteria-style, the pizza was obviously not going to be made-to-order.  We had a selection of four different toppings available.  Individual slices were parked under orange heating lamps, but it's any one's guess for how long.  There was also an assortment of salad, pasta, bread sticks, and various desserts.  Since it was close to closing time, we were told -- in as many words -- that we had better get while the gettin' was good.

I couldn't help but compare this experience to a similar all-you-can-eat buffet offered at the ubiquitous Pizza Hut empire. Cici's represents a distinct step-down in freshness and quality. It's not that Cici's food is bad, it's just -- unremarkable.  I think it's reasonable to say you could do as good or better by heating up a frozen pizza purchased from your favorite grocery store.  The quality of some frozen pizzas is very good and you'll save money by doing it yourself at home.

In summary, Cici's isn't bad, but it's really not worth it.  There are much, much better choices for your pizza dollars out there.

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