Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amadeo's Pizza and Subs

"What time will he be here?" my brother asked in a hungry voice.
"He'll be here any moment.. just hang on" I replied as we waited for my boyfriend to arrive from his long day of work.
It was Tuesday February 5th the first day of our pizza tour. My brother, a San Francisco 49ers fan, placed a bet with me and my bf the day of the Super Bowl.  The individual who picked the losing team would buy the winner a pizza. The Baltimore Ravens won, and we were ready to claim our prize. 

Amadeo's Pizza and Subs was the first restaurant on our list. After my bf arrived at my place, we all sat in the living room and decided what we were going to eat. My brother placed an order over the phone. We agreed on an 18" half pepperoni half green chile, mushroom,bacon pizza and an order of chicken wings. We waited about 10 minutes and then drove over to the 5003 Lomas location to pick up our food. The order was ready upon arrival. Walking in to the carry out only restaurant the smell of dough and sizzling wings overstimulated my olfactory sense. The oven, located at the northwest end of the restaurant, was visible from the counter. Two employees were hard at work. My bf inquired about the business and we found out the man we were speaking to at the cash register was one of the owners.  My brother payed him, as I browsed through the coke display situated in the waiting area. I was surprised to find Coca-Cola bottles exported from Mexico (my favourite).
With pizza and wings in hand we got back into our vehicle and drove home, where we planned on enjoying our dinner.  The pizza was flavorful and delicious. It had a soft crust, highly seasoned tomato sauce and cheese melted to perfection. The wings, tasty as well, were cooked just right. 
Upon browsing the establishment's website I came to find that the restaurant has been in business since 1987, and has expanded to serve three locations in Albuquerque.  Having driven down Lomas Street many times I can't say I ever noticed the pizza joint. It's sits in a crowded shopping strip and as the second building from the perpendicular street it can be hard to spot.

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