Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aldo's New York Style Pizzeria

Last summer while walking downtown, I noticed a neon sign with the words
"Axxio Pizza" and a picture of a pizza slice. Behind Maloney's bar was a pizza joint not visible from the main streets. I remember glancing at the restaurant entrance and continued walking.

Weeks ago, upon searching for the next pizza place to visit, I remembered the neon sign. An internet search resulted in this website and so I made plans to eat at the location.
February 19, my boyfriend and I visited the restaurant to have dinner. We walked in to a nearly empty dining room, which would normally seat about 30. One woman sat at the north end while the television was tuned to a news broadcast focused on the Oscar Pistorius case. Upon entering  the restaurant we were greeted by a man standing behind the counter. 
 We studied the menu and placed our order. While I sat waiting for our food my boyfriend (who is now the official interviewer for this blog) got up and started talking to another man behind the cash register. His name was Aldo and he happened to be one of the owners. My boyfriend asked how long the place had been open for, "since last Friday"  the man replied.
Axxio Pizza went out of business and Aldo made the decision to expand into the downtown area. This second generation Italian whose parents are from Rome, is one of three owners of  Venezia's Pizzeria .  Having eaten at Venezia's before I suddenly recognized the green and red font menu above the counter.

I remember thinking "crap that's going to mess up my blogs alphabetical order, V isn't anywhere close to A." Then Aldo mentioned that location was named Aldo's New York Style Pizzeria. "Perfect!" I thought. 
 We didn't wait long for our food. Our dinner consisted of a pepperoni and pineapple pizza accompanied by honey mustard buffalo wings.  We started off with the wings, the sweet and tangy flavor paired well with ranch sauce. As I took my first pizza slice from the pie, melted cheese pulled away from adjoining slices leaving drooping cheese ends dangling off the edges. It featured light sauce, runny cheese, and a thin foldable crust.... indeed characteristics of a NY style pizza. Perhaps a style not enjoyed by all, as cheese and toppings have a tendency to fall off the crust. Delicious nonetheless.
Before leaving, we were given coupons for our next visit. 
Current business hours have the restaurant open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. A good place to sober up after a long night of partying downtown. 

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