Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bricklight Dive

Tuesday March 19. I built up an appetite after completing a 20 minute run around the University golf course. The plans were to pick up my boyfriend at work around 7:30pm.. it was then 7:45pm, I was running late.
We drove over to Bricklight Dive, a bar/eatery located on Harvard street, across from the University. Luck helped us find a parking in front of Cheba Hut, a sandwich shop two stores down from Bricklight Dive.

People were milling around the sidewalk, a girl twirling a hula hoop, two guys having a drunken conversation, a man strumming a guitar and another beating on a bongo.We walked into a small, loud, crowded dining area with about 10 small tables, some with imprinted chess/checker boards. A bartender who was busy helping other customers, yelled over the counter and told us to take a seat. 

A chess table was available near the entrance. I sat facing the wall and a TV screen overhead, broadcasting March Madness coverage. Most customers were college age, giving the place a laid back ambiance.A couple of guys were playing chess three table west of ours, another man sat at a tall table reading and taking notes, a group of other guys were having a loud conversation at the bar. One of those guys appeared to be an older biker looking dude and every other word out of his mouth was a profanity.

The waitress/bartender came over and handed us the notebook style menus.Then  promptly came back with our drinks and took our food order. We both ordered the Prima Pizzetta, an individual size pizza with pepperoni and green chile, and a side Cesar salad. Minutes later the waitress brought out our salad served on a small wood board with a handle hole. The salad was delicious, but it was difficult to eat off of the board without having salad fall through the hole onto the table.

Soon after, our Pizzettas  were served. They were oval shaped, with square slices, a thin crust, a good amount of spicy green chile, and a tasty oregano flavoured sauce.

After our meal, my boyfriend was having a difficult time hearing me speak, he claimed the background music, acoustics of bare walls and concrete floor did not help with easy conversation, so we decided to leave.

We left satisfied with the prompt service, quick food delivery, and price. It's a good place to drink a local beer and eat a small pizza, a place to meet interesting people, and play a game of chess. But, it's certainly not a place for kids nor for a first date.
It was one of the busiest places on Harvard street that Tuesday night, we can only imagine how crowded it must be on a Friday or Saturday.

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