Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar

I was wrong to assume the restaurant named "Boston's" was originally from Boston Massachusetts. Boston's gourmet pizza restaurant is actually from Canada. A chain owned by entrepreneur Jim Treliving. The franchise opened it's Albuquerque doors back in 2004.

On March 8th, two employees held the double doors open for us and asked where we wanted to sit. The restaurant was divided into two dining areas. The north end was an adult friendly sports bar while the south end offered a more family oriented environment.  The hostess seated us in a booth as requested under the television set tuned to a hockey game. I sent my brother a text message to look for us in the family friendly section.

Several adults with small children ate while our waitress took our drink order.
Once my brother arrived we ordered chicken wings, a large half pepperoni pineapple and half bacon green chile pizza. Waiting for our food order we somehow got to talking about our experiences with spicy foods.  Then our chicken wings came out and were smothered in hot sauce, on the side came two dripping dressings,  ranch and blue cheese. My bf and brother thought the wings were very good.

 The pizza was served on a pizza stand. It only took one bite for me to decided that I loved the hand tossed crust.  It was cooked just right, not burnt nor undercooked giving it a spongy feel as my teeth sank in. The overall taste was good, it had a reasonable amount of toppings, and a thick crust, and the right amount of tomato sauce.

 The only complaint was my bf's lemonade being watered down and tasting bland, but that was minor. We had a very attentive waitress, who never let our drink glasses go empty. Having left full, we decided it was a pleasant experience. 


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