Saturday, July 27, 2013

Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria

In my head, I heard Dean Martin singing his popular 1950's song, when I read the name of Nob Hill's newest pizza place. Amore opened its doors around the first week of July. It is located on the corner of Girard and Monte Vista, were Bailey's on the Beach once was. 

This was once a surf themed restaurant, but is now an Italian Neapolitan pizza eatery. On July 18th we decided to stop by and pay a visit.
We walked into a warm room and a long line to the front counter. 

Hearts and henna-tattoo style designs were worn on the back of employee uniforms and wall posters. From reading the back of our menu, we found out their big red oven had been shipped in from Italy. Front windows had to be taken down, in order to fit the oven inside. Local arborist provide reclaimed wood for the fire. 

Neapolitan style pizza originated in Naples, Italy and it takes about 60 to 90 seconds to cook in a 905 degree Fahrenheit wood-fire oven. Amore is the only Neapolitan style pizza place in the state of New Mexico. The owners certified in New York City as Neapolitan pizza chefs.
Our pizza order included one called "il Duke" and  a "Margherita." After receiving a student and educator discount we got our order number and walked upstairs. We sat out on the rooftop, where it was less packed. 

 Within minutes of taking our seats, we were served.

Charred spots lined the crusts of our personal sized pizzas. A majority of tomato sauce was visible as mozzarella cheese was only sprinkled on certain spots, and minimal toppings were scattered above. 

The bold burnt crust taste overpowered the light sauce and toppings. It was delicious. We were introduced to a new gourmet pizza flavor, that evening, and we enjoyed it.  With quick service, comfortable atmosphere, and excellent tasting pizza it would be extremely difficult to give Amore a bad rating.

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