Saturday, August 17, 2013


I remember walking in wondering if the restaurant was still open, all dining tables were unoccupied. It was Tuesday, May 14, only one man sat at the bar watching the NBA playoffs. The bartender came out from the back hallway and told us to pick any seat.   

We chose the high table against the south wall. Promptly, the bartender brought out the menu. Our regular choice of toppings (pepperoni and pineapple) on a large pie, was our order. Sitting too far from the television screens, we began to have a conversation.  The place was dimly lit.

Somebody mentioned to me that the establishment is owned by Joseph Carraro,the state senator. I'm not exactly sure if that's correct, but the restaurant's name points to "yes".  About 15 minutes passed, and the server brought out our pizza, refilled our glasses, and left us alone with the pie.

It had a decent flavor. The crispy crust appeared to have been rolled or twisted leaving perfectly cooked ridges along the top end. Pepperoni and Pineapple were properly distributed atop the cheese. With zero complaints we finished every slice. 

Before departing, I noticed a group of people exiting from a back hallway. I wondered what was back there, but didn't care enough to go investigate. I later learned that the back portion of the restaurant is a bar/dive known as Joe's Place. Perhaps that's where all the people were hanging out.

The comfortable atmosphere restaurant is walking distance from the University.  It's a popular college hangout, whose pizza is well priced and tasty. 

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