Sunday, September 1, 2013

Caruso's Italian Restaurant

Tuesday June 4th.

I'd seen Caruso's many times, while driving east on Menaul. There it was, less than five miles from home, one of the better tasting pizza places in the city, and I had no idea.

We arrived late that evening, an hour before closing time, eager to enjoy a fine pizza dinner. Flickering candles on top of tables provided light and evoked a dim romantic setting.  Red checkered cloths covered table tops. A waiter asked us to pick any seat. We gladly chose a booth by the west wall. New Mexico map place mats caught our eye. Craving a change from our usual toppings, we asked the waiter for his recommendation. He suggested a pizza topped with sausage and green chile.

As our food was being prepared, I couldn't help but analyze the place. Caruso's is a quaint little restaurant adorned with outdated decor. But the restaurant's cleanliness makes up for its lack of modernity.  

After a  fifteen minute wait our medium pizza was brought out.  I first took a bite out of the crust. I was surprised at the delectable homemade taste.  It was as if the finest ingredients. had been chosen especially for our pie and It was evident that whomever prepared our dinner was skilled at his or her craft. It was just simple good old fashioned pizza. 

We spoke with the waiter after eating our meal. "Caruso's is on the top of our list." we told him. He seemed pleased to hear that.

Since then, we've become frequent customers.  Before running races we carbo-load on their half-portion spaghetti, a dish as good as their pizza. 

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